Practice your Putting to Lower Your Scores

Practice your Putting to Lower your Score

Most amateur golfers don’t practice putting enough and yet it’s the easiest way to save strokes and lower your score.  Practice these drills to improve your putting.  [MORE]

Celebrate Women Every Day of the Year

International Women's Day 2016Today is International Women's Day 2016 (#IWD2016). Every woman has a mentor. Who was yours? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

It’s difficult to comprehend that prior to 1980, only 3 percent of the information in school textbooks was devoted to women and their achievements. [MORE]

How to Warm Up on the Practice Tee Before Competition


The PGA TOUR Professionals have an established warm-up routine before they play.  Learn how you can properly warm-up before competition. [MORE]


Conquering the Motor City EWGA Style

Conquering the Motor City EWGA StyleMichigan is home to a large golfing population. Even though the golf season is short, golfers are dedicated to the sport.

Knowing that the women's golf market was sparse in Detroit, Nancy Oliver helped get a Motor City Chapter kicked off in 1993 with a little help from an airline with vouchers. [MORE]

How High Would You Spend on a New Set of Clubs?

How High Would You Spend on a New Set of Clubs?

Would you be willing to spend $100K for a new set of golf clubs? Well a few high-end manufactures think you will.

These manufacturers create custom shafts based on the data captured from your swing analysis. Most club fittings are based on existing shafts already manufactured. [MORE]

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How a New Flagstick Monitoring Tool Can Help Monitor Pace of Play

How a New Flagstick Monitoring Tool Can Help Monitor Pace of Play

The USGA is currently testing a new Flagstick Monitoring Tool equipped with technology designed to help monitor Pace of Play on the golf course.  Read how this new technology plus other ideas can help you play faster.  [MORE]

Adding DC and Baltimore to the Roster

Adding Washington DC Metro and Baltimore to the RosterWomen's golf was growing in the early 1990's for EWGA. The next areas to conquer were the DC beltway. The Washington DC Metro and Baltimore Chapters joined to the ever growing list.

Nancy Oliver, EWGA Founder, reminices about her adventures expanding the reach of EWGA. [MORE]

Tips to Keep Play Moving During Your Next Round


Most recreational women golfers don’t enjoy a five or six hour round of golf and no group on the course wants to be asked to pick up the pace.  Here are some helpful ideas to keep up your Pace of Play and enjoy your next round. [MORE]

We had Georgia on our Mind in 92

Atlanta Georgia on our Minda

Think back to 1992: 

  • Bill Clinton is President-Elect.
  • The record of the year is Unforgettable by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole. 
  • EWGA had it's first anniversary. 
  • The Atlanta Chapter is formed for women golfers.

Join EWGA founder, Nancy Oliver in her ongoing adventure of growing a small business into the association it is today.  [MORE]

Planning your Best Golf Shots

Management on the Course

Grip, stance and alignment are all part of your tools to become a better golfer. Getting the guidance of a golf professional helps to hone these skills.

Read this week's EWGA Forecaddie about these course management tips. [MORE]

Expanding a Dream on a Shoestring

Expanding a Dream on a Shoestring

Step back in time to 1992 with EWGA Founder, Nancy Oliver.  This week she looks back at 1992 with EWGA growth from coast to coast. 

Read Nancy's Founder's Files to get more insight on the ground breaking years of EWGA. [MORE]


What's New in Golf for 2016

What's hot for 2016? Check out the PGA Merchandise Show recapThe long anticipated PGA Merchandise Show ended last week. So the question is, what's hot for 2016?

The EWGA Forecaddie was at the show and can't wait to tell you about it. Follow this link to read more.