Add to the 2017 Hottest Golfer List - Gianna Clemente

Gianna Clemente

Gianna Clemente has been on an 83%  winning streak in golf for three years. It started when she was 5 years old.

"She started at about 2,” her father Patrick Clemente said. “She always had a club in her hand. It runs in the family. She’s always been around the game. She’d be out on the green with me or doing a little putt-putt or something.”

Golf is in the genes for Ms. Clemente. Her father played at Youngstown State while his brother, Colin Clemente, played at Akron. Gianna picked up a club not long after learning how to walk. [MORE]

Live from the 2016 EWGA Cup presented by Guardian!

The 2016 EWGA Cup presented by Guardian is underway in Palm Springs, CA, at the iconic Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa! The 2016 Cup represents the largest gathering of EWGA members in recent history, with over 400 competitors on 50 team from 39 chapters represented at the event. Get ready for a wild ride!

What's In Store:

The Competition - Over the next two days, teams of eight women will compete in both four-ball and singles matches across two golf courses to determine the winning team.

Golfzon "Tournament within a Tournament" - For the first time ever, in addition to the on course competition, the teams will also compete in a virtual, simulated tournament. Teams will utilize state-of-the-art simulators provided by Golfzon and compete in both alternate shot and longest drive formats. You can learn more about Golfzon and this unique event in this press release.

The Mark Carenevale Show - Golf personality and SIRIUS/XM Radio host Mark Carnevale will host his aptly named radio show, "The Mark Carenvale Show", live from the EWGA Cup. You can catch the live broadcast both Thursday, November 10th and Friday, November 11th from 7PM - 9PM on Sriius channel 208 and XM channel 92.\

Song Sessions - Singers and songwriters Monty Powell and Anna Wilson will entertain EWGA members in collaborative process of song writing. This wildly entertaining experience will produce an original song that tells the EWGA story, commemorating the association's 25th year anniversary.

You can view the full schedule of events here.

How to Follow Along:

Delay of Game due to Frost

Frost Delays on the Golf CourseIf you are taking advantage of some fall golf, chances are this is the time of year that you have to deal with frost delays.  What causes the frost on the course and why do golfers dislike frost delays?  Learn how frost impacts the golf course and why you have to wait to play.  [MORE]


What to Eat on the Golf Course

We've all been there: you arrive early at the first tee feeling great, only to reach a stretch of holes on the back nine where you suddenly find yourself tired and depleted.

The secret to feeling spry all round long lies in how you fuel your body, says The A Position:

"For better performance when playing golf, you’ll want to stay away from foods devoid of real nutrition. They will hurt your golf game even though you may not realize it. It is all about the way your body metabolizes food and the combinations in which you eat them. A lot has to do with consuming ‘empty’ calories that really don’t fill you up."

For a detailed list on which foods to fuel up on - and which to avoid - check out this list.

What are the Rules on Leaves in Golf

What is the leaf rule in golf?If you play fall golf in a part of the country where leaves change color, the fall to the ground, chances are you have heard about the “Leaf Rule.”  What do you do when your golf ball ends up in a pile of leaves on the golf course?  Are you allowed to move it?  Read how some courses deal with leaves in the fall.  [MORE]

Congratulations EWGA Championship Finalists

Katie Brinker, EWGA 2016 Overall ChampionThe Lansdowne Resort was the site for 226 EWGA Championship Finalists. The competition was tight and the champions of their divisions awarded Saturday night.  

Congratulations Katie Brinker, winner of the EWGA Championship Overall Champion for three consecutive years. To see the final results and winners in all categories, follow this link.

Are you Ready to Fall into golf?

Golfing in the Fall Autumn Season

Fall is often referred to as the best time to play golf.  The weather is nicer and cooler than summer temperatures, plus the golf courses aren’t as busy.  Learn other important things to know for playing your best fall golf.  [MORE]

Are you Ready for the Challenge?

EWGA Championship ChallengeIt's finally here, the much anticipated EWGA Championship Finals in Lansdowne, VA. Here is your chance to have a bit of fun on the side, by predicting the winners of the EWGA Championship. There are four flights, plus the Championship flight and the Scramble division.

Follow this link to get started on this competition inside the competition.

Countdown to the EWGA Championship Finals

Countdown to the ChampionshipThe countdown has started for the EWGA Championship Finals on October 14 and 15 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia. The 226 competitors will be joined by family, friends and volunteers for a two-day competition in five flights and a scramble division.  Will Katie Brinker make it a three-peat?  You can be there - guest play opportunities and volunteers welcome. Go to the Finals tab to learn more. 

Real or Artifical Grass, What does your Range use?

Range mat real grass or artificial

Most golfers don’t like to hit from artificial mats at the practice facility for a variety of reasons.  Learn why facilities use artificial turf mats, how you can minimize turf damage and how to practice properly when hitting from mats.  [MORE]

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The Ryder Cup Schedule - When and What to Watch

When and What to Watch at the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup, the biennial men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and United States, begins today.  Learn about the history of the Ryder Cup, what to watch for and brush up on the different formats played over the next three days as we cheer Team USA on to win back the Ryder Cup.  [MORE]


Golf's 7 Deadly Sins

Success in golf can be fleeting. Some days you have it, some days you don't.

Often, our best rounds are defined by our ability to eliminate or minimize mistakes. Whether it's missing the fairway or flubbing a chip, ghese mistakes come in all shapes and sizes.

So how do we idnetify and avoid these mistakes?

Well, The A Position has taken a unique approach and grouped these mistakes into the well known "7 Deadly Sins":

  1. Pride - an excess belief in your own abilities, such as "I can carry that water hazard.."
  2. Envy - a desire for others traits or abilities, as in "I can hit just as far as you.."
  3. Gluttony - consuming more than one desires, like saying "I think I'll have two hot dogs at the turn..."
  4. Lust - a constant craving of pleasure, like "I don't need to take a break..."
  5. Anger - envoking fury or wrath, such as "I swear if I don't make this 3-footer..."
  6. Greed - an excess desire for material wealth, similar to "I can reach Par-5 green in two..."
  7. Sloth - an avoidance of work, like "I don't need to practice to improve..."

Check out the full article for this unique approach to identifying and avoiding these costly mistakes.