Healthy Snacks to Keep Your Game Going on the Golf Course

Healthy Golf Snacks

Ditch the hotdog, chips and Snickers bar at the turn and try some healthful snacks instead the next time you play golf.  You will avoid any sugar crashes and may even play better.  [MORE]


Tips for Playing Golf during the Summer Heat

Playing Golf in the Heat

You’ve waited all season for good weather to play golf and now it’s excessively warm.  Here are some helpful hints to help you keep cool, while playing in the summer heat.  [MORE]


Are You Game?

Are You Game? Sign up for the EWGA Par 3 Challentge - Palm Beach

Are you up for the Challenge?  The EWGA Par 3 Challenge charity golf event is Saturday June 25th at the Palm Beach Par 3 – hosted by the Executive Women's Golf Association to benefit LPGA-USGA Girls Golf.

Some come out to play – and bring a partner -- Two person teams - either two women or a man and woman  - and enjoy the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course right on the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone's invited to support little girls with big dreams. Are you game? Get more info and sign-up at

Barriers to Playing Good Golf

Barriers to playing good golf

What barriers keep you from playing good golf?  Not enough sleep?  No confidence?  Slow Play?  Check out the common barriers and how you can overcome them and play your best golf.  [MORE]


How to Design a More Interesting Golf Ball

Designer Golf Balls

Golf has evolved a lot from the 14th century. Early golf balls were either leather filled with cow's hair or solid wood. Soon "featheries". hit the scene. They were hand-sewn leather with chicken or goose feathers and coated with white paint. 

Jump to the 21st century and now we have stylized golf balls. Varick golf balls has added metallic and neon-patterned to the already crowded market. 

Sure is gonna be tough finding a place to mark the patterned ball! [MORE]

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The Secret to Business Success in Five Easy Steps

Business Success in 5 easy steps

Some habits are good - walking 10,000 steps each day; drinking 8 glasses of water, etc. An Entrepreneur Magazine article lists five daily habits for a successful businessperson. 

1.) Accentuate the positive - surround yourself with positive people. 

2.) Be a bookworm - stay current with what is going on around you and the world. 

3.) Take responsibility for mistakes.

4.) Remember the golden rule - say please and thank you.

5.) Set long and short-term goals. 

Using these tips will soon see you in the C Suite.


Myths about the Golf Swing

myths about the golf swing

Why do people tell golfers to keep their head down?   Do you have to keep your left arm straight?   Here are some common myths about the golf swing and how to correct the unsolicited advice.  [MORE]

Women's Golf Day is June 7th - Where will You be?

June 7th marks International Women's Golf Day. Over 400 locations in 18 countries will be celebrating. Many places it is free. Join women and girls around the world on June 7th. Sign up at

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2016 Sports Participation on the Decline

The decline in Fitness in America

The statistics are in and they aren't promising. Physical activity in Americans has declined 1.3 million from 2014 to 2015. 

The red flags are highlighting the severity of the "inactivity panademic". There is a trend of being "casual" sports participants instead of "frequent" sports participants, according to a recent report from Phit America.  [more]

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Why are the Rules of Golf so Easily Misunderstood?

USGA Rules of Golf

Think you know the Rules of Golf?  Why are they so tricky to understand?  Here’s a list of the 10 Most Misunderstood Rules and the fact behind the myth.  [MORE]

Wednesday May 18th - The Golf Industry Goes to Washington

National Golf Day

Join the social media campaign and add your voice to the messages the golf industry is delivering to Washington on the economic and charitable impact and the environmental and fitness benefits of golf. #NGD16  @wearegolf

Did you know:

  • EWGA contributes more than $63 million a year to the golf industry economy.
  • EWGA members and Chapters annually contribute more than a half a million dollars to charities across the nation.
  • EWGA members know that playing golf can enhance every aspect of your life.

Texas Turf debuts in Rio Olympics

Texas Turf at Rio Olympics

When you watch golf's return to the Olympics this summer, keep in mind a little bit of the USA will be on the course. Namely, Texas turf.

The grass grown by Bladerunner Farms uses less water, fertilizer and pesticides. The Rio course is on an ecologically sensitive area of the city. [MORE]