Jason Day wins Players Championship

World #1 Jason Day wins The Players Championship. Photo credit: Twitter/JDayGolf

Jason Day, the world's number one player, is on a streak. Sunday, he added his seventh title in ten months.

"I have the opportunity to try and work as hard as I can to really leave my footprint in this game. I'm very motivated to win as much as I can right now, " said Day [MORE]

Photo Credit: Twitter/@JDayGolf

What is the Composition of your Golf Bag?

What's in your golf bag?Looking to purchase a few new golf clubs or a whole set?  How do you decide how many hybrids or how many wedges to carry?  Here are some hints to help you put the proper number of clubs in your bag.  [MORE]


Every Golfer Knows that Brand Does Matter

Titlesit rocks the competition

My ball is a Titleist, my putter a TaylorMade and my clubs are Ping. Does this make me a better golfer? According to a recent study it does.

Strong-performance brands causes participants to feel better about themselves when undertaking a task. This higher self-esteem lowers their performance anxiety, and leads to the better performance outcomes. [MORE]

Future Golfers Register for Drive Chip and Putt Local Qualifiers

Drive Chip and Putt Local Qualifiers

The lifelong connection with golf begins with the Drive, Chip and Putt qualifiers. This free golf initiative welcomes boys and girls ages 7-15 in golf skill competitions. 

The program has separate divisions for boys and girls. There are four  categories that equalize the playing field by age.  This provides a fun, interactive platform for participants of all skill levels.

Saturday, May 7 kicks off DCP Qualifers at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. From May to August, there will be hundreds of qualifiers staged in all 50 states. To register you junior golfer, visit Let golf become a game for life for your junior golfer and make sure you’re a part of the fun!


National Instruction Day

PGA in the News, National Instruction DayThe PGA of America is celebrating their Centennial this year and dedicating an entire day to instruction.  Check out Golf Channel for instruction clinics nationwide on Wednesday, May 4.  [MORE]

What to Do Before You Compete

Prepping for CompetitionIf you are getting ready for a big tournament or golf event, here are some great hints to help you prepare to play your best.  [MORE]

Getting in the Zone with GolfZon

GolfzonAt the EWGA 25th Anniversary Celebration and Golf Experience, a national partnership focused on alternative measures via GOLFZON's array of simulators for women to become more involved in golf was announced. [MORE]


The Masters in the News

The Masters Tournament at Augusta National is filled with traditions.  Here are some traditions and trivia for you to know when you watch the broadcast this weekend.  [MORE]

Escape from the Bunker in One Shot

In the Bunker

Most amateur golfers don’t like to hit from the bunker.  Learn how to escape in one shot by hitting marshmallows.   [MORE]

Teeing Off for the 2016 Golf Season

Teeing off the Golf Season

Can you smell it? The fresh mowed greens, the new leather from your golf glove. It's the scent of spring golf.

EWGA Chapters from across the United States are having season kickoff's (or tee offs). Follow this link to your invite. [MORE]

Learn to Hit a Perfect Chip Shot

Learn to Hit a Perfect Chip Shot

Making solid contact on a chip shot will help your confidence and could save you some strokes.  Follow these hints to hit a perfect chip shot.  [MORE]

In Living Color - 93 Tee to Green

Nancy Oliver and Barbara NicklausThe history of EWGA has had many infamous people in the golf industry connectted to it. In this week's installment, Barbara Nicklaus has joined the EWG Advisory Committee. See the Who's Who in the 93 Winter From Tee to Green Newsletter! [MORE]