A Course that Requires Creativity and Imagination to Play

Sergio GarciaThese are the words of professional golfer Sergio Garcia. What is he speaking about? The golf course for the Olympic Games

"As it is a newly built course, it will be new for all players," said Garcia Photo Credit: Instagram @thesergiogarcia [MORE]

The Players are Ready for Rio

Team USA Olympic Golf

Less than 1 month away, Olympic fever will soon be upon us. The mathematical formulas on who goes and who stays are done.

Check to see if your favorite golfer is packing their bags for Rio. Go Team USA. [MORE]

Welcoming New Golfers to the Game

Welcoming New golfers to the gameThe best way to grow the game is to welcome and mentor a new golfer.  Learn how local EWGA Chapters are partnering with The First Tee and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf to mentor new golfers during EWGA Mentoring Month in July.  [MORE]


Golf holds Fairways of Opportunities for Women

EWGA CEO Pam SwensenSome simple advice for business women that golf, "Leverage your contacts, play golf and build your network." These are the words of advice from EWGA CEO, Pam Swensen. In a recent Huffington Post article, Swensen emphasized "don’t underestimate the power of having golf as a skill set on your resume. It can be a game changer." [MORE]

Join Golfers Everywhere and Play 9™

Join Golfers Everywere and Play9This golf season, the USGA has designated the ninth day of each month as PLAY9 Day - July 9, August 9, September 9 and October 9.  See why it’s better to play 9 holes than to not play at all.  [MORE]

Are Men Spoiling Golf's Olympic Future ?

Julieta GranadaSome of the top female golfers believe so. Many of the male golfers are dropping out of competing in the 2016 Olympics. The most common reason? The Zika virus.

“Zika is a good reason, " said Julieta Granada. I’m not saying it isn’t, but do these decisions involve other factors? I think so, but I can’t really judge them on that. That’s their decision.” [MORE]

Photo Credit: Instagram @JulietaGranada

Golf Lesson Expectations

Great Expectations on the golf course

What will your golf professional help you learn during a lesson?  Will he or she change my entire swing?  Can I improve with just one lesson?  These are some questions you may ask your professional when you take a golf lesson.  Learn what else you can expect when taking a golf lesson.  [MORE] (Photo credit: Pritchard)

Selecting a Golf Professional is Tough, Here are a few easy Ways to Complete the Process

Selecting a Golf Professional is ToughSteps to Finding a golf professional You’ve decided to take golf lessons but how do you select a golf professional?  How do you know if you will like your instructor?  What if you don’t understand what he or she is telling you to do?  Learn what to look for when selecting a golf professional.  [MORE]

Healthy Snacks to Keep Your Game Going on the Golf Course

Healthy Golf Snacks

Ditch the hotdog, chips and Snickers bar at the turn and try some healthful snacks instead the next time you play golf.  You will avoid any sugar crashes and may even play better.  [MORE]


Tips for Playing Golf during the Summer Heat

Playing Golf in the Heat

You’ve waited all season for good weather to play golf and now it’s excessively warm.  Here are some helpful hints to help you keep cool, while playing in the summer heat.  [MORE]


Are You Game?

Are You Game? Sign up for the EWGA Par 3 Challentge - Palm Beach

Are you up for the Challenge?  The EWGA Par 3 Challenge charity golf event is Saturday June 25th at the Palm Beach Par 3 – hosted by the Executive Women's Golf Association to benefit LPGA-USGA Girls Golf.

Some come out to play – and bring a partner -- Two person teams - either two women or a man and woman  - and enjoy the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course right on the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone's invited to support little girls with big dreams. Are you game? Get more info and sign-up at

Barriers to Playing Good Golf

Barriers to playing good golf

What barriers keep you from playing good golf?  Not enough sleep?  No confidence?  Slow Play?  Check out the common barriers and how you can overcome them and play your best golf.  [MORE]