China's Lone LPGA Woman Golfer Now Has Company

Shanshan Feng became China's leading golfer the old fashioned way - through hard work. Like most golfers, her father, Xiong, introduced her to the game. He worked for a local sports bureau and was captain of the junior golf team. Shanshan joined the team and the rest is history.

Soon, she surpassed her father in golfing ability. "I set the goal, but I didn't really think I would get there when ... I was 12," Feng said. "I was still like a 30 handicap, maybe a 20 handicap, and there weren't any Chinese on the tour or anything, not even close." China had a ban on golf until the 1980's. In March, 2015 the government announced the closure of 66 courses it deemed illegal.

(Photo via World)