EWGA and Mentoring

EWGA is focusing on mentoring during the month of July. How does mentoring work with golf? I have a great personal story to share on how these 2 work together. I didn’t start playing golf until my children were going off to college. I had the good fortune to be invited to a EWGA Kick off event. I went and had a great time but I didn’t know anyone there. I joined EWGA because I wanted to learn the game. I spent the next 2 years taking lessons and clinics offered through our chapter. I met women at the clinics but didn’t feel confident going out on the course. Our local chapter offered a mentor-ing program and I signed up for it. I live out in Suffolk so had the good luck to be assigned a mentor close to home. Missy called me up and invited me to lunch. We hit it off and she would be my cart buddy at events. I learned about course eti-quette, when to pick up my ball and how to use the rules to my advantage. I gained a great friend who offered me encouragement with my game, involved me with the chapter leader-ship and helped me meet a wonderful group of women who love the game of golf. If you are a mentor in this year’s program, reach out to your mentee and help her learn the game. Sched-ule time with her and get to know her. If you are the mentee, say YES when your mentor calls and reaches out to you. You could gain so much more than golf skills!

This article is reprinted from the EWGA Hampton Roads From Tee to Green newsletter.

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