"How I Made My First Hole-in-One"

Today, golf made history by returning to the Olympics after a 112-year absence. Shortly thereafter, on the par-3 fourth hole at the Olympic Golf Course, Justin Rose claimed his piece of history by making the event's first hole-in-one.

Which got us thinking, what does it take to actually make a hole-in-one? Was it luck? Skill? Some combination of patience and persistence?

For the answer, we turned to this Janina Jacob's personal account of her first hole-in-one:

“Your mind is stronger than you think. By concentrating on the trouble, your mind thinks ‘Water! Trees! Sand!’…..and that’s where you’ll go. The mind doesn’t hear ‘don’t.’ Instead, focus on where you want the ball to go.”

For Janina's full take on the experience and what it takes to make a hole-in-one, read her recap at The A Position.