PGA of America elects its first female officer

suzy-whaley-PGAMilestones for women's achievements, especially in golf, are a cause for great celebration. On Saturday, Suzy Whaley was elected by more than 52% of the delegate votes assembled in Indianapolis at the PGA of America's annual meeting. This is a milestone for the golf industry's leadership. Suzy is on track to become the first female president of this nearly 100 year old organization which is charged with growing golf with the support and influence of its 28,000 PGA professionals from coast to coast. She has worked tirelessly as a crusader for welcoming women in the game as well as youth as a top teacher of this great game. Congratulations Suzy!

As for EWGA, Suzy served on the EWGA Foundation Board in the past and has been a highlight as a speaker and celebrity at several EWGA Conferences in the past. We look forward to our continued involvement with Suzy and the PGA of America as her role evolves. This is great news for golf and for women's golf.