Rid Yourself of First Tee Jitters

Don't worry - it's happened to ALL of us at some point: you step up to the first tee in an uncomfortable setting, and all of the suddeen, you get nervous. It doesn't matter if you're a scratch golfer, an experienced player or a newbie - the first tee jitters are real and can strike anyone, anywhere.

But don't fret! With a a little practice and perspective we can turn those first tee jitters into nothing but minor butterflies. Golf magazine, The A Position, has a few words of advice:

"Regardless of your golfing ability, this is the vey time to organize your emotions and declare to yourself that at least for the next few moments, you own the tee. It is your safe bubble, your happy place. It’s not enough to think it, you must feel it. You are just stepping into your “safe area” with the realization or feeling that you have as much right to be there and perform as anyone. You’ve earned it no matter your supposed station in the game or life for that matter."

"And should you still experience what you’ve always known as fear, acknowledge it, thank it, but reframe it into “excitement.” Love the opportunity to play in this safe bubble and you will gradually put fear back into a tiny corner."

Read on for The A Position's full advice on ridding yourself of the first tee jitters. [MORE]