Three Words You Never Want to Hear...

As any beginner golfer can attest, golf has a lingo all to its own. Whether it's the basics (like "slice" or "hook") or more dreadful phrases like "you're still out", there's enough verbiage to fill a dictionary.

This week, we're going to have a little fun with golf's vocabulary. Our friends over at The A-Position put together this list of phrases NO golfer ever wants to hear - and trust us, we get nervous just reading the phrases. Some of golf's "worst three-word phrases" include:

"You're still out", often said after your first putt fails to get any closer to the hole than your playing partners

"Toss me another", for when your first ball is unplayable or you just don't feel like chasing it down

"You looked up", a common refrain heard from a playing partner after topping the ball

"See a splash?", for when you're not sure if your ball actually went in the water and you're left looking for evidence

And that's just the start! Head over to the A-Position for their full list of "golf's three dirtiest words".