Leading golf course operator hopes to welcome more women to the game

Dallas, Tex. - Arcis Golf has formed a national partnership with the Executive Women’s Golf Association’s (EWGA) Golf Course Network program to encourage more women to learn and enjoy the game of golf.

This initiative will work two ways. Members, customers, and employees at designated Arcis Golf facilities will have access to the programs and opportunities afforded by the EWGA, which annually holds thousands of golf, social, networking, and competitive events. And EWGA members will be offered special playing rates at Arcis Golf facilities across the U.S.

“Arcis Golf is committed to growing opportunities for women to learn and enjoy the game of golf,” said Blake Walker, CEO, Arcis Golf. “By partnering with the EWGA, the mutual strengths of our organizations will further nurture the sport and growth of women’s golf as well as the overall mission of EWGA.”

An industry leader and operator of both public and private golf clubs nationwide, Arcis Golf will afford EWGA members access to club amenities and a wide range of diverse playing experiences.  A recent study revealed that women have the potential to add more than $35 billion to the future golf economy.

“We look forward to offering EWGA members more playing access through our new partnership with Arcis Golf,” said Ashley Nelson, Director of Partner Relationships, EWGA. “Whether EWGA members are looking for golf courses in their backyard or on their travels, Arcis Golf’s facilities will be top of mind.”

In a recent EWGA member satisfaction survey, convenient and organized playing opportunities were listed as a top reason women join EWGA.