How PGA TOUR Professionals Use their Warm-up Time

How PGA TOUR Professionals Use their Warm-up Time

If you’ve attended a PGA TOUR or LPGA Tour event, you’ve noticed the Tour Professionals each have a certain pre-round warm-up routine.  They arrive at the course anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half prior to their tee time and go through a specified number of putts, chips and full swings to get ready for competition.  Here are three unique examples from the PGA TOUR of the number of warm-up shots from Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Bubba Watson:

All three of these warm-up routines take between 50 and 75-minutes.  Rory’s 110 shots are broken down into 52 full swing, 41 chip shots and 17 putts.   Jordan and Bubba hit more shots than Rory, with Jordan hitting 65 full swing, 17 chip shots and 57 putts.  Bubba hits the most warm-up shots with 155, yet only takes 30 full swings and 36 chip shots but hits 89 putts.


When you practice or prepare to play, do you have a warm-up routine?  While you may not hit as many shots or warm-up for as long as these Tour Professionals, be sure every time you go to practice or before you play, that you have a specific purpose in mind.  Begin loosening up with some wedge shots to get your swing flowing smoothly.  Then hit some short-iron shots followed by some mid-iron shots.


Progress into the hybrids, fairway woods and finish with the driver (or club you prefer to use when playing from the teeing ground.)  You’ll notice that Rory, Jordan and Bubba hit only six, four and seven golf balls with their driver.  Many amateur golfers make the mistake of spending their time on the practice tee hitting endless number of balls only with the driver.

Plan the number of golf balls you want to hit with each club (three, four, five or six) and move on to the next club.  Be sure to always end with a good swing (and a good shot) as this helps build confidence and will be the shot you remember in your mind as you make your way to the course.  Hit a few lag putts then make four or five three foot putts before you head to the first tee.  This confidence will help you on the course, since you prepared with a purpose in mind.