Inviting Guests and Clients for Business Golf

Last week we discussed five tips when you are invited to the golf course for business golf:

1) Accept the invitation to play
2)  Brush up on your golf game
3)  Know the Basic Rules and Pace of Play
4)  Look Like A Golfer
5)  Relax and enjoy your day

Business GolfTips 2 through 5 also apply if you are inviting guests and clients to the course for business golf.  There are a few other tips to keep in mind when inviting potential clients or guests for business golf:

Tip 1:  Know the best day for your client/guest to be away from the office – Determine the best day of the week or time of day to extend an invitation to your guest.  If the schedule of the day includes lunch and/or dinner, be sure your guest is available on a specific day and for an extended amount of time if you plan to include lunch and/or dinner.

Tip 2:  Determine the Facility/Schedule the Tee Time – Extend the invitation to your guest client to play golf with you.  You may elect to include lunch and/or dinner so make sure your guest is available to join you for a meal 

Tip 3:  Consider the guests playing ability – schedule a full group of four player whenever possible.  If you have three players, ask a colleague or co-worker as long as the chemistry of the group feels like everyone will enjoy each other’s company.

Tip 4:  Invite your guests, determine the format – once the group is determines, inform all players of the date, time and directions to the facility.  A good host also informs all guests of special club policies (tipping, dress code, where to park/valet car), etc.

Next week we’ll talk about the do’s and don’t s of business golf once you have your outing/meeting at the facility.