As a countdown to our 25th Anniversary Celebration in Colonial Williamsburg in April, EWGA Founder Nancy Oliver has agreed to write a weekly column and share her amazing collection of newsletters and press clips revealing the early years. 

Spring Fling Launched EWGL's Second Year in 1992

Welcome to Spring Fling 1992I took a break over the Christmas holidays in 1991 to reflect on what I had gotten myself into.  YIKES! But soon the words of encouragement continued to pour in, like a very nice letter from the Executive Director of the Florida State Golf Association.  Looked like I was destined to keep the ball rolling. So I decided to host an event for all of the Florida chapters that had been formed and called it the Spring Fling (which was turned out to set the tone for hundreds of EWG events to follow!) You can’t imagine how invigorating is was to see all these fun, incredible women all come together for one giant bonding session. Talk about adding fuel to the fire!  By the time this event took place in May of 1992, I was already responding to new chapter requests across the country. If it weren’t for the cheering squad at the first Spring Fling (recognize any names???), we may not have spread beyond the State of Florida!

On a personal note: I am so looking forward to attending the Austin Chapter’s January Social. If your chapter is having a particularly special event this year, I would be happy to try to come as long as you can get me there and back, and provide a nice comfy couch to sleep on (just like the OLD DAYS!)